Friday, 11 December 2015

Day 9 - 31 Days of Bogging

Today we went to Mount Isa, approximately 117kms east of Cloncurry, this is a snapshopt of the road, there is a tiny bit of green from recent storms.

 Almost in Mount Isa, ready? to attack the final bits ad pieces of Christmas shopping, argh.

Actually it was not to bad today, not overly busy, hot yes, but got most of the items of my list, both paper and mental.

I was even lucky enough to score a bargain on some vitamin supplements the Doctor recommend I take.  I have a magnesium deficiency, though I have been taking magnesium for a fair while.  Somewhere I remember reading you could purchase a powder to mix in water, so tracked of that down, one pharmacy was over $40, the one I purchased it from had a sale so I got it for $25.

I also have been having shocking insomnia, had Temazepam prescribed,but it has not been doing what it is supposed to be doing, then I tried some Diazepam, which I use when I fly, again no luck, and I detest the groggy feeling in the morning.  If I got some sleep the groggy feeling may be slightly acceptable.

Anyway the Doctor the other day suggested some Melatonin, again I scored a bargain and it was on sale, so seeing lady luck was shining upon me with the cost of these supplements, I hope it is an omen and they decide to work.

I am hoping to put a few stitches in Lucy tonight.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.

Happy stitching.



  1. I hope you get some much needed sleep xx

  2. I hope you get some much-needed sleep.
    If all else fails, my pharmacist recommended Somnicalm for my (admittedly mild) insomnia brought on by the disasters of this year.