Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Day of Basting Hexies

Heelo thereToday I  had a day of basting hexies,  I  achieved  the grand total of 79

I was hoping to achieve more than 79 being basted,  but it was a little  difficult,  being hooked up to two IVs

Holding the needle and thread in one hand and the fabric and cardboard  in the other is usually  no drama, but I  could not bend my thumbs in tge usual  manner.

The IVs were the  PRRT (lutate) treatment  for my NETS. This was my third cycle, only one more to go, then to wait for scans to see if the treatment  has slowed  the  progression  of these little  wretches.

Yesterday, after visiting the dietitian  (for a dramatuc weight loss ), I  was  hoping to  do a little shopping,  but alas, my Hb levels in my blood  are not great, last weeks blood test they were 86, yesterday 's blood test  they were 83, so I was admitted for  a blood transfusion and some top up fluids.

Well last night, I  felt slightly more energised than I have in a long time.  This mornings  blood test  came back at 104..

So now we just have to keep a close eye on it.

All I  seem to  have done this year is remember dates to have this test or that treatment.  Hopefully,  these things will settle down soon.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.
 Happy stitching. Sharon

Friday, 23 September 2016

Some Lucy Boston - POTC

Hello again,
Poppy here again.

I have grabbed Mum's tablet. She is sleeping after Night Duty.

Thought I  would share with you some of the Lucy Boston blocks she has been working on. Notice, now Mum has the cream joining elongated hexies sewn on. Mum has cut out lots and lots of grey joiner squares, but she cannot decide what layout to do.

Mum glue basted Lucy Boston, from now on, we will refer to as Lucy. Mum started off using the Sewline Glue pen, by Sue Daley, then misplaced it, so she used regular glue stick, not such a good idea, sticks to hard and very difficult to unglue when she wanted to recycle the papers. Oh well, a valuable lesson learnt.

Mum's Lucy is a BOM from Sandy at Shiralee Stitches.

Here is what Mum has completed to date.

Maybe one day soon Mum will write the blog herself.
Thank you for taking time to stop by.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A Long Time Coming Post

Hello Readers' of Mum's Blog

This is Poppy here, writing on her behalf. I have despaired of her blogging again, even though she has been making notes on what to blog about, I am going to try and make sense of them.

First of all let me introduce myself,  my name is Poppy, I am a three year old Jack Russell/Mini Foxie Cross.

Here is a recent phot of me, aren't I adorable?

Since March, (last time) Mum blogged, many life changes have occurred.

Her NETS have progressed in her liver and now there is one in her third rib, that explains the pain, that she was experiencing,  but kept getting the brush off, anyhow enough of that.

So the doctors, sent her off to see if she was eligible for some new treatment,  called PRRT, again this is only availe at one centre in Queensland, so she has to leave me every eight weeks for a a week or so. Funny thing is she goes for a short distance in thing with round black things, then goes up in this BIG tin bird, it eats her up, but lets her out at the other end, and BRINGS her back to me, oh and him ....

HE is Harry Creek the Black Cat, HE thinks HE is the love of her life, but hey, .......

Anyway, Mum was on sick leave for a long time, but now back at work part time. She has also recommenced quilting.  Givez me more comfy places to sit, but please don't tell her!

Mum finally completed this Golliwog Quilt she started for my two legged sister, many, many years ago.  This quilt was all hand appliqu├ęd,  fused down, and blanket stitched around.  She cut out a lot, and I mean a lot of rectangles,  to go around the centre Golliwogs. Here are some photos. 

Now,  I overhead Mum talking about this how this quilt came about.  Katie,  the two legged child has always LOVED Golliwogs,  even though she is a grown up now! Well,  when she was an almost grown up, at one of the craft shows, she found a patter for a Golliwog Quilt and asked my  Mum to make it for her,  Mum, being Mum said, sure. Bought said pattern,  but when she got it home,  the trouble began.  Yep, TROUBLE, the pattern was in centremetres, grrrrrrr, not inches. Mum had to remake the pattern.  The photos above are the result.

Hang on, I'd better sign off, I hear Mum coming, and she will go spare if she knows I have been on her tablet.

I will try and blog on her behalf, until she decides to blog again. I have found lots of photos of blocks and things she has been working on. So will share.

Thank you for reading this post from Poppy.