Sunday, 27 January 2013

Eight Days Straight

Have had no internet access since last week, due to the strong winds we are experiencing.
 Worked eight days straight, then had four off, now back for another eight.
The quilts are coming along .... Dad's has been quilted in the ditch and have attached the bindin, just needs to be slipped stitched onto the back, Mum's is being quilted at present (on my lunch break lol). Hopefully will get it all quilted today and the binding attached to the front.
Will post some photos once I have proper internet reception.

Happy stitching until next time :-)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

No Power

Well yesterday's 46 degrees C, culminated in a storm, alas not much rain, (and the storm was a bit of a fizzer as well) and the power went out, had the generator going, but is stopped about one and a half hours ago :(

(The fire is still burning up in the hills, luckily it is away from structures and cattle).

So no sewing today, BUT I shall cut out some quilts and bags I have earmarked to do, the fabrics have been selected and they are in snap lock baggies with the patterns, so I shall put my last day off to good use.  (Back to work tomorrow for eight days straight, then four off, then seven straight), I love my job, but it does interfere with my quilting lol.

Happy stitching


Monday, 14 January 2013

Mum's Quilt Top Sewn Together

View one of Quilt Top

View 2 of quilt top

Final view.

Sorry about the flood of photos, trying to get the hang of uploading etc.

Below is the beginnings of Dad's quilt ...

This is a variation of "Turning Twenty ... Again" a wonderful book by Tricia Cribbs.  Only in the case of these two quilts I only used sixteen fat quarters in each.

Till next time

Happy sewing

PS  It got to 46 degrees here today on the verandah grrrr.  Makes one wish

Motherdragon's Musings: Mum's Quilt

Motherdragon's Musings: Mum's Quilt:  Here I am again, oh it took some working out how to post photos grrr ... anyhow here are two views of Mum's Quilt, This first pho...

Mum's Quilt

 Here I am again, oh it took some working out how to post photos grrr ... anyhow here are two views of Mum's Quilt,

This first photo is of the blocks almost complete .....

This photo is the rest of the block.

I think and hope it will all come together ... when I have sewn all the block together I shall post again, till then

Happy sewing


Friday, 11 January 2013

First Post as a Blogger

Well this is my first post as a Blogger ... something I have been wanting to set up for a while now.

The weather here is stifling to say the least, today again was in the mid 40's, this heat just saps the life out of everything.  The is a large bush fire in the hills just at the back, making the air very hazy.

At present I am working on two quilts, one each for my parents, will post pics over the weekend.  I have used sixteen fat quarters in each quilt.  The quilts are in the style of "Turning Twenty".

Happy sewing everyone