Monday, 14 January 2013

Mum's Quilt

 Here I am again, oh it took some working out how to post photos grrr ... anyhow here are two views of Mum's Quilt,

This first photo is of the blocks almost complete .....

This photo is the rest of the block.

I think and hope it will all come together ... when I have sewn all the block together I shall post again, till then

Happy sewing



  1. Sharon, your Mum's quilt is coming along beautifully! The colors with all the flowers are wonderful. I cannot wait to see it when you have it completed.Your mother is sure to love it! It is amazing to think that you have sweltering heat in your region right now, as we in this area are trying to recover and clean up the roadways and yards from all the trees, limbs and debris that were damaged from the freezing rain. Try to keep cool!

  2. Your blocks are so beautiful in those colours and fabrics. Your mum is going to love her quilt!! Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog, I would have replied via email but your blog settings are set to no reply.