Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 2 into Day 8

Today is my second day into eight straight.  When I finish work tonight at 23.00 hours, I shall drive the 29kms home, shower,  make a cup of tea and finiah sewing the binding on Dad's quilt, only have about five feet left on the final side. Hopefully then I shall be tired enough and wound don to sleep, otherwise will start on Mum's quilt binding.
Tomorrow, before I go to work I hope to start on my stitchery, so many wonderful projects to do!

Happy stitching


So excited, my books for the.stitch a long arrived today.
Hurried home after a pm shift and jumped into my stash, have picked the fabrics I will use for the 'my friends' tote, tea dyed some quilters muslin.
So now I had better go to bed, so I can begin tomorrow.
Night all
Happy stitching

Monday, 4 February 2013

One More Day then Two Days Off

Work tomorrow, then two days off, hopefully will finish stitching the binding on Dad's quilt, and may even get Mum's binding stitched on .....

Request from daughter today ... it is getting cold, can you finish the Golly Wog Quilt, I have been working on it for years, it is a Queen sized quilt, with large Golly Wogs in the centre, then surrounded by charm rectangles, the border have small Golly Wogs on them, will post photos on my days off.

Also hoping with all fingers and toes crosses that the books i ordered for Stitch-A-Long will arrive tomorrow so I can start on my projects.

Happy stitching until next time


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Internet Working in a Fashion

Hello again

Have the internet working again in a fashion, it goes for a while then drops out, but least I have it again.

This week has been busy again at work, only three more days to go then I get two off mmmmm, so hopefully will complete slip stitching the binding onto at least one of the quilts I am endeavouring to finish.

Not much else this week, oh have been looking at my stash to see what fabric to use in a bag I am itching to make, decisions, decisions.

Happy stitching until next time