Monday, 7 December 2015

Day 5 - 31 Days of Blogging

Hello Readers

Another hot day ....42°, build up of storm clouds, but alas, no rain, nor storm. Oh well, can always hope for tomorrow.

I am still getting the cold shoulder from Poppy. I decided to bath her yesterday afternoon, big mistake, Poppy loathes baths. But it was a hot day and silly me thought she might enjoy a nice bath. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Poppy would hardly give me the time of day last night. Although she did greet me this afternoon when I arrived home from work. Another thin Poppy does not like is her photo getting taken, always turns away at the crucial moment. But here is a snapshot of her.


  1. Poppy sounds like my old girl Amber, she hated baths and used to shutter even on the hottest days!

  2. Yes, well she is still giving me the cold shoulder. Every time I go into the laundry or grab a towel she scampers off under the bed!

  3. Cute Poppy!
    Our Lucy detests baths too. She hides under the bed as soon as she sees the towel and hairdryer head towards the laundry.