Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day 8 - 31 Days of Blogging

Today was my day off, well I cleaned and dusted and did other various odd bits of housework. Plus disposed of some more rubbish, found the cord for a r radio, that I had despaired of ever finding again. That is it for the tedious part of the day.

For the  fun part, I glue basted three  more blocks of Lucy. Not sure how I feel about glue basting. I guess it has advantages and disadvantages against thread basting.  Sitting on the fence on this one.

Then I  completed sewing this block of Lucy. I am pleased how they are turning out.

I must set some time aside to cut out the cream elongated hexies, that go between the blocks. I also must organise myself to cut out the cornerstones.

While I was glue basting I watched "Orange is the New Black", was able to drW it out of our local library. I watched a few episodes on a recent trip to Brisbane while staying with my daughter who has Netflix. Am totally addicted to it!!

1 comment:

  1. We have Netflix – so you think Orange is the New Bkack us worth trying, eh?
    I am on the fence with glue basting too. I just tried glue basting on a few small projects and was happy with the result but will not give up the old thread method completely just yet.