Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 22 - 31 Days of Blogging


I got side-tracked last night by sleeping,  therefore was unable to post.  Came home from work, with intention of making fritters for tea, and that was all they were,  an intention!  Had a shower, a few nuts, fell asleep on the lounge, awoke, madeca scrambled egg, ate that,  washed my dishes,  and was in bed by 18.45 hours.  Slept until 22.17 h8urs, thinking it was time to get ready for work,  so rolled over, and had some more sleep.  Bliss.

Tonight's, another Lucy Boston block was almost completed,  but looked at the clock, and saw it was time to get ready for bed and do a blog post.

Still waiting for this much needed rain. Depending on what weather site  you refer to, gives you varying forecasts on the "potential" for a cyclone and possible rain. Again depending if a cyclone forms, and where it crosses the coast,  depends ifnwe get any rain. So it is a waiting game.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.

Happy stitching. Sharon

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