Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A New Project

So much has been happening of late in my life.  Not all of it good.  It has taken me a while to decide how to write this post, but here goes.

On a positive front I have started a new TOM - Template of the Month, hosted by Amititie Textiles,  it is called Delilah by Jenny Kingwell Designs.

Block One is Rising Sun

I have had fun doing the first two months worth of blocks, though I made some errors. But I  am happy that I could fix up these errors.  I had to stitch a narrow black border around both blocks, for when I sewed the blocks I used the wrong foot,  thought something was wrong (thought the quarter inch foot was on), but could not figure it out until I measured the completed block.

Block Two is Bells Beach Block

With this block I could NOT work out how to cut a reversed template, wasted so much fabric, lucky I had some of the black I used on Block one so they sort of tie in.  I only hope when the quilt is completed, these blocks will not look out of place.

The trouble is my memory is starting to go.  I have had to give up work.    My ex-husband said "it is no good having a nurse with no memory!", honestly it was the first laugh I have had in a while.  All I have been doing is crying, and sewing, and crying.  This hit me like a bolt out of the blue.

I flew down to Brisbane last Wednesday, just for a day to see a Colorectal Specialist, they admitted to hospital, blood transfusion,  as Hb was only 75, and on the Friday morning some minor surgery.  Now I have to have some not so minor surgery later in the year.

Lucky, I have lots of hand sewing to keep me occupied, between the Insanity Quilt and Lucy Boston. To do while sitting around.  But when home have set up sewing machine and am machine piecing quilts, have some finishes to show in a future post.

Thank you for letting me vent.  I feel very lost and unsure at present.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.

Happy stitching. Sharon


  1. Sharon, I'm so sorry for your health issues. I'm glad you have good health care options to support you! And when I am down or worried or focused on problems, sewing always makes me calmer. Healing prayers coming your way!

    1. Thank you, Polly, prayers are good. Sewing is comforting.

  2. I hope having the blood transfusion helped.... your emotions are quite natural ... its wonderful you have that wonderful sewing to do.... quite a challenge..

    1. Not sure if the blood tranfusion helped, still very tired. Very fortunate that I have my sewing.

  3. Love your blocks and use of interesting fabric that tantalize the eyes, So sorry about the health issues! Will say a payer for you Sharon! God speed!