Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A Little Mat For Santa

Just thought I  would do a quick post here, as I am unsure how to link things.

I am participating in the "Holly Cottage Christmas" quilt along, held over at Stitch-A-Long blog, commencing in June.

We all purchased this beautiful book by Michelle Ridgeway, "A Holly Cottage Christmas".  This book has so many lovely projects in it.

For May we had to choose a small project to get our appetites whetted.  I selected this little mat for Santa's cookies.  Mainly to have a practice at needle-turn appliqué.  In past projects I have always used fusible appliqué, but decided I wanted more of a challenge.  I think I managed ok, and only hope I have not bitten off more than I can chew.

The only real disappointment I had, was I used "Cottage Garden" threads instead of mynusual DMC, and the red bled/ran.  The above photo is a vast improvement, soaked and sponged the bleed, although still there, it has faded somewhat significantly.

I was hoping to use "Cottage Garden" threads in the Holly quilt,  but am not so sure now.  Don't get me wrong, I adore "Cottage Garden" threads,  the colours are fabulous.

Anyhow, I will ponder this for a while, before I need to do more stitchery.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.

 Happy stitching.



  1. sharon, this is the comment I left on the SAL site but Ill put it here too incase you don't go back there....
    Oh that's wonderful Sharon and well done on trying out a new technique. I think this is the perfect learning quilt for needleturn if you are wanting to learn. the pieces are a good size for working on and there are curves and corners to learn.... I am most impressed with your first effort! Do keep going and you will find it gets easier as you go. I wash all my CG threads before I used them because of the bleeding. I rinse in boiling water till it comes clear and then a swish in water with a bit of vinegar which is supposed to set any dyes.... I'm also using CG in mine ....
    Beautitufl small project...

    Also if you want comments on the SAL site to be forwarded to your email just make a comment yourself - even a full stop and tick the box that says forward comments.... it's easier than keeping on going back to the blog.... xx

  2. Hi Sharon I love your little gingerbread mat,well done I have had the same trouble with these threads,I think it's in my post tomorrow how to wash the threads,I will make sure I do that all the time now before I use them xx