Monday, 29 September 2014

Wild Horses

Wow, what a start to my morning,  awoke at 04.00 hours, not sure why, because it was my sleep in, anyway got ready to come into town for a hsir appointment before I head off to work.

This is what greeted me in the driveway

Some wild horses,  there were two pet horses with these fellows. These horses must have broken out of their paddock. By wild, they have been branded, but not broken in, however, I have been able to pat some of them ages ago.
Well this morning they surrounded my car, gave the car a good old sniff and lick. I was lucky enough to be able to put them in another paddock, so at least they are nearby.

Thank you for taking time to stop by. 
Happy stitching. 


  1. These photos are beautiful. What a wonderful sight to be greeted by in the morning.

  2. Very beautiful, so free they are, it is lovely to see them galloping around.