Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day Off Work - Sewing Fun

Yay for a day off work, and double yay for the internet working (very hit or miss out here).

Finally got around to blocking my very first lace shawl.


And here is Harry Creek,  giving the shawl the once over.

All I seem to have been up to is sorting and selecting fabrics for my next Hexie Block, all will be revealed at a later date.

Also sewing blocks for a couple of swaps I have been in, which unfortunately,  I had to pull out of, work just became to mbusy, l and I was lagging behind something shocking, mso instead of putting myselfmunder more stress,  I removed myself  from the group, oh, it was lots of fun, but I think I had bitten off to much.

I still, am in Possum Magic, Ausbees and Compass Quilters. These will be easier to keep track of.

I shall post photos of the blocks I am posting in a couple of days, just so the recipients can receive them and not spoil the surprise. 

Thank you for taking time to stop by. Happy stitching. Sharon


  1. Your lace shawl looks lovely, such fine knitting. 3 bees would keep you busy!

    1. Thank you for the comment on my lace shawl. Yes the bees certainly keep me busy, but it gets me out of my comfort zone to try new skills.

  2. I hope those kitty claws stayed away from the delicate lace! I also hope all those long hours and extra shifts ease up a bit.