Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Suffolk Puffs, Unforeseen Trip and Surgery

2016, has hit with a bang.  I had a list of goals written out for the commencement of 2016, they included:-

1.  Drink more water.
2.  Quilt Golliwog Quit.
3.  Quilt Batik Quilt.
4.  Sandwich and quilt "Sew Kitschy" BOM from 2014.
5. Sandwich and quilt "Hexie" BOM from 2014.
6.  Work on Lucy Boston - Patchwork of the Crosses.
7.  Work on Pie and Tarts.
8.  Not start anymore new projects.
9.  Work on Hexie Odyssey.

I will have to check my list when I return home, as there were a few more goals on the list.

Well I was working on "Pie and Tarts" and "Lucy Boston", on alternative nights.  But Christmas Eve,I had a small health issue, could not get it really checked out until Monday 4 January, and I was on a plane on Tuesday 5 January to Brisbane to see a Colorectal Surgeon on the Wednesday.  He scheduled me in for surgery on 11 January.  Now I am recovering.  Not to lift anything heavier than 5kg for a month, no straining, basically have to take things a little easier.

Well, when I had to pack in such a hurry, I grabbed my "Cotton Puff" BOM from back in 2013.  I have been busily sewing Suffolk Puffs/Yo Yos for the past week.

This little stash is 336 Suffolk Puffs/Yo Yos.  I have sewn approximately 24 this morning.  At home I probably have close to 200 hundred sewn.  So not really that many more to go, the BOM had 625 of these little cuties.

Now my dilemma, is whether to just sew them together and have a "flimsy" type throw, OR applique them onto some pretty fabric and quilt around them.  My original plan was the former, but now after mulling over this, and having a search on Pinterest, I have seen some appliqued onto fabric and quilted around, this is the way I am thinking of going at present, but who knows, may change my mind again.

I fly back home on Friday, so will them get stuck back into Lucy Boston and Pie and Tarts.

Thank you for taking time to stop by.

 Happy stitching.



  1. I hope the surgery went well and that you recover as quick as is humanly possible.
    I like the appliqué option, but that is just me.
    As for the water thing, I fill a big 2-litre jug every morning and have to drink it before bedtime. This technique has worked for me for more than a decade. I feel rubbish when I forget.

    1. Yes, Carla I think the applique method will be the way to go (less chance of one of the furbabies getting a paw caught and it ripping). That is an excellent idea re the water jug, I have been using water bottles and refilling, but somehow I am sure I loose count and am not drinking enough some days.