Monday, 1 April 2013

Time Has Flown

Well it is almost a month since I have blogged, do not know where the time has gotten to.  Have been on holidays, went to Brisbane to visit with family and have some medical appointments, and dragged myself to the Sittches and Craft Show.  Had an amazing day with my daughter there, saw many new and interesting, we both shopped til we dropped for our various crafts.

Today is a day off from work, and I am cutting up twelve sets of one hundred two inch squares for a "Postage Stamp Charm Swap".  This proves lots of fun as you send a set on squares to someone elsewhere in the world, I participated in last October's swap and had a lot of fun.  When I actually commence stitching this together I shall post some photos.  Earlier this morning I saw a great tip on the PSQ Swap site, the lovely lady who organisers the swap suggested to another member to put aside thirty minutes a week to sew squares into pairs, I shall be taking up that most useful hint.

Currently working on a BOM, when I have made some tangible progress I shall post some photos.

I have also pulled out my knitting needles and am looking for patterns to knit socks and slouchie beanie hats, these are good portable projects to take out, I knit my socks on circular needles now, oh it is so much less stressful that the dpn, I was always fearful that I would lose one, and I have on occasion.

My resolution for April, is to ensure that I blog at least once a week.

Happy sewing/knitting to all.


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