Thursday, 11 April 2013

Kangaroos, and dogs

What a start to the morning, first of all up at 05.00 hours or so to make porridge for the OH (Other Half), before he goes to work, me back to bed (as I have a late shift today).  Not much of a sleep in though, the dogs were barking their chops off, up I get and find they had escaped outside the house yard and had a 'roo bailed up, got them in and then Kate was lunging at the fence and the 'roo kept coming up and putting his paws through the fence, got them separated, back to the washing and thought it was all over.

Who was I kidding, Kate is back outside and had the 'roo cornered against the gate and fence, I hosed them both, threw sticks, yelled and almost cried, rang the OH and he said to tie up Kate, so out I go lead in hand, finally got the dog away from the 'roo, meanwhile, making sure the 'roo did not come at me.

All is good Kate is tied up, silly 'roo kept coming back, but finally hopped away to the creek (which is dry as a bone).

Washing done, getting sorted for late shift.

PS both cats are sitting either side of me, I think it is due to the weather being cooler today.

Happy stitching


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  1. What a start of the day for you! For me it is usually the cat who wakes me up between 4-5 in the mornings, today he even tried to get me out of bed at 3!!! Phew! :)
    Have a nice day!