Saturday, 3 January 2015

Yippee for 31mm

31mm, may not seem like much to be excited about, but 31mm of rain means green shoots for the cattle and horses to munch on. 31mm means happy wildlife, birds, 'roos, goannas, and all the other creatures that live out on the station.

19mm, means sliding ofv the driveway, into a sort of ditch, 19mm, means walking approximately 2.5 klms in the rain, and thunder, with Poppy under my arm.

Yes on my way to work last night, I slide off the driveway, when I left the house, it was only raining lightly, by golly, by the the time I had driven 2 kkms up the driveway,  the rain was getting heavier, mmmmm, I was thinking will I get down the drive, honestly I did not think it had rained that much.

The mobile would not work, so I slipped and slid up to the house, got Mr Cowboy to drive me back to my car in the 4wd Landcruiser, well it to had a little slide, but was able to get us back to the house.

Up early this morning,  hmp, my car still stuck, maybe even a little more grrrr. All I could think of is work will be ever so cross if I miss another night. Back to the house. Waited a good few bours, YEEHAA, I was able to move it out of the ditch and down the drive. The mud had crusted over enough to allow me out.

Thus I am in town ever so early, for work, but at least I am here.

Thank you for taking time to stop by. Happy stitching. Sharon


  1. The Aussie country can be quite tough to live in. I used to live in the Goldfields of WA and when it rained the red dirt on the road used to turn into really slippery stuf! Glad you are ok and yay for sone rainfall :)

  2. Rain?! Finally!? Hurrah!!
    Glad you are OK. I too grew up on country roads.

  3. Glad that you are OK and you were patient enough to wait it out and get your car unstuck!