Monday, 14 October 2013

Wating at Townsville airport

This is what I did over the weekend, among  other things ..... cut out 900 plus 2 inch charms for a Portage Stamp Square swap that is open for registration, this is the third or fourth one I am participating in, they are lots of fun. If interested hop on over to "The Curious Quilter".

Next exciting news is, we ha a storm yesterday afternoon, no rain to speak of :(, lots of thunder,  terrified dogs, oh but the smell of the rain on the dust was nice.

I also worked a little on the golly wog quilt,  for my daughter, this quilt is  a major WIP, been at it for probably 8 years.   Here is my little helper Poppy, making sure I place the corner golly wogs correctly.


  1. OMG! 900 squares! Well done! I have lots of squares, but not packed them yet. I'm sure Poppy wants the quilt! :) We desperately need rain too.

    1. Hello Astrid
      How lovely to hear from you, hopefully we all will get some much needed rain.