Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 2 of 8 straight

Well it is still dsrkish outside as I get ready for day 2.

Yesterday I was tracing the stitchery for a pin cushion for SAL and Harry decided to help out.  He started to "eat" a BOM pattern, luckily, he only ate the part of the page that had bo writing in it.

But to add further insult he attacked some embroidery floss, luckily I saw this before any severe damage was undertaken.

Tonight I plan to sew the binding on Mum's quilt. I will be taking it with me next Saturday when I make the 17 hour plus road trip to Brisbane.

Dad loved the quilt I made for his birthday, I told him it is for watching TV, but he said he will keep it on the bed.

Anyhow, it is off to work I go.

Happy sewing


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